James "Munky" Shaffer's Gear

-Why 7's ?

7 string guitars were introduced to band by Munky. According to Head: -"No way - I didn't. I did not know that the seven-string needed a revival. Munky,
I give him all the credit for the seven-string because he fell in love with them when he was 19 years old."
in further part of interview Head tells us about Steve Vai's plan to discontinue UV model and
about his first seven that Munky lent him before buying his own.
You can read the whole article here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/interviews/head_talks_how_korn_ended_up_using_7-strings_reacts_to_what_steve_vai_had_to_say_about_his_band.html

Okay! Let's move to the things you came here for :).

Done with help of @Zombiethirteen ,Sebastian,tecs99, Darrell J. G. :).

Chronological list of guitars used by Munky.
Self title Era

  • UV7PWH
  • UV77MC
  • UV7
  • 540S7
    Life Is Peachy Era
  • UV7S
  • LACS RG7 - Crown Inlay
    Follow The Leader Era
  • LACS RG7 - Blue Paw
  • LACS RG7 - Black Paw
  • LACS RG7 - Red Paw
    Issues Era
  • LACS RG7 - White finish (Falling away from me music VID.)
  • RG7420
  • LACS RG7 - Blue finish with white binding - Given to kirk hammet.
  • LACS S7420 - (Somebody someone music VID.)
  • K-7 ( various colors )
    Untouchables Era
  • LACS 7-string & 14-string double neck
    Take a look in a mirror Era
  • LACS RG7 - BLack "Uncle B"
  • LACS K-7 Black
    Head Left Korn
    Around 2012 - Love and Death / Solo
  • LACS RGD6 Baritone White
  • LACS RGD6 Baritone Black
  • LACS RGD6 Baritone Camo (Scott Von Heldt)
    Head Reunite with Korn - Paradigm Shift Era
  • LACS KOMRAD White Splatter ( WS )
  • LACS KOMRAD Red Splatter ( RS )
  • LACS RG7 ( JD's studio guitar )
    Serenity Of Suffering Era
  • ESP SH-7 ( Touring custom shop model )
  • ESP LTD SH-7 ( Regular model )
    The Nothing & Requiem
    ----------Nothing changed to this day---------Head is still using his ESP SH6.

    (Much the same for Head and Munky)

    Self titled (1994-1997)
    Studio recordings: Hughes and Kettner , Peavey.
    Live performance: Same

    Life is Peachy
    Studio recordings: Marshall Plexi, MESA v30 Loaded Cabinets.

    Follow The Leader & Issues ERA (1998-2000).
    Studio recordings: !Modified! Marshall Plexi(Mostly Issues), Mesa Triple Rectifiers, Line 6 Flextone II.
    Live performance: Mesa Triple Rectifiers, Line 6 Flextone II - for clean and
    ambient tones. Hughes and Kettner v30 Loaded Cabs.

    Untouchable's & Take a look in a Mirror ERA (2001-2003).
    Studio recordings: !Modified! Marshall Plexi / Bogner Uberschall - Diezel VH4 COMBO , Triple Rectifiers.
    Live performance: Triple Rectifiers.

    Love and Death , Solo project. (...-2012)
    Studio recordings: Its not specified - im sure he used Bogners a lot. They were
    often visible in studio during his recording with Love and Death and Solo project.
    Live: Ubershalls were almost always in his touring rack. 2x (one for clean channel , one for dirty).
    Vid where you can see them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFLoNabRyxc&t=121s&ab_channel=ScottSVHVonHeldt

    Modern ERA (2013-Present).
    Studio recordings: !Modified! Marshall Plexi / Bogner Uberschall - Diezel VH4 COMBO ,
    Rockreverb Mk. III, Triple Rectifiers, Kemper Profiler.
    Live performance: ONLY Triple Rectifiers.



    Exact setting:
  • Bass 10
  • Mids 4 / 5
  • Treble 9
  • Presence 10
  • Master volume 5
  • Gain 10
    Mesa Rectifiers are different, i recommend tweaking the settings and using V30 cab
    to get the best result of air-pushing , growly bass.